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Endoret® (PRGF®)


Endoret® (PRGF®) technology has the most experience on the market in terms of the development of specific protocols for tissue regeneration, a ground-breaking technique exclusively developed by BTI Biotechnology Institute.

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What is Endoret® (PRGF®)?

Endoret = Endogenous Regenerative Technology

made of autologous

PRGF = Plasma Rich in Growth Factors

Endoret® (PRGF®) is a biomedical technology through which we are able to stimulate tissue regeneration by concentrating growth factors and other proteins that are found in the patient's very own blood plasma.


BTI, the manufacturer of Endoret® (PRGF®), is considered a worldwide scientific reference in regenerative medicine. This recognition is the result of the successful use of Endoret® (PRGF®) in different medical specialties such as orthopedics, traumatology, dermatology, ophthalmology, sports medicine, vascular surgery, aesthetics, dentistry, among others.

Scientifically proven for highly effective hard and soft tissue regeneration technology which:

  • Effectiveness: The technology is able to effectively stimulate the growth and repair of hard and soft tissues, such as bone, ligaments, tendons and skin.

  • Speed: The technology is able to accelerate the healing process and reduce treatment times.

  • Safety: The technology is safe for use and have a low risk of complications or adverse effects.

  • Ease of use: The technology is easy to use and administer, with minimal training required.

  • Cost-effectiveness: The technology is cost-effective and able to reduce the overall cost of treatment by avoiding surgery, and reduce the re-occurrence rate.

  • Patient experience: The technology improves the patient's experience by reducing pain and discomfort, and promoting a more rapid and complete recovery.

"Regenerative medicine has the potential to address many of the current challenges in health care, including the increasing burden of chronic diseases and the limited availability of organs for transplantation." - World Health Organization (WHO)

Activated fibrin scaffold loaded with autologous growth factors and cytokines. Free from leukocytes and inflammatory proteins.

SEM images of PRP and Endoret (PRGF)
BTI centrifuge for PRGF production
  1. No adverse effects and immune reaction risks

  2. It promotes homeostasis

  3. Stimulates cell proliferation and migration

  4. It stimulates the endogenous secretion of proteins from the extracellular matrix

Application Areas

Thanks to its versatility, Endoret® Technology allows to obtain different formulations of the product that can be adapted to different clinical uses.

Endoret® PRGF® is a closed system, with the necessary equipment and unitary and disposable kits certified for such use that allows a rapid preparation of plasma under sterile conditions and its immediate application.

Orthopedics / Traumatology


Key Benefits...


Delays the progress of the disease

Improves the rigidity of the joint

Reduces inflammation and pain

Improves function and mobility

Sports Medicine

Decreases the degree of pain

Minimises the effects of injuries and prevents relapses

Reduces the inflammation

Speeds up the return to normal activity


Accelerates recovery and improves visual acuity

Improves the rigidity of the joint

Reduces inflammation and pain

Highly anti-fibrotic properties

Aesthetics Medicine

Accelerates cell renewal and extra cellular matrix production

Polymerises into a Fibrin Matrix upon infiltration

Gradual release of growth factors and other proteins

Innovative formulation for wrinkles and filling atrophic acne scars


Stimulate tissue regeneration

Polymerises into a Fibrin Matrix upon infiltration

Gradual release of growth factors and other proteins

Anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic properties

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