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Tulip® NanoSpin Pro™

NanoSpin Pro™ - Advanced Closed-System Adipose Processing.

Tulip® NanoSpin Pro™

This small-volume, closed-system tissue processing set features the patented Tulip Crowns and the Tulip NanoSpin. The Crowns are unique syringe accessories that make processing soft tissue in a centrifuge truly anaerobic. The user can detach the plunger from the tissue-filled syringe while keeping the contents of the syringe anaerobic during centrifugation. Afterward, the unwanted supernatant can be easily extracted with a needle through the access port in the Crown. The unwanted infranatant can then be expelled through the luer lock opening, leaving only clean, compressed tissue. The Tulip NanoSpin Crown Set - everything you need for advanced small-volume, closed-system tissue processing.

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